The brand new B2B platform!

Totally a different
kind of music




realtime integration

Full SAP ERP integration to retrieve your own real time information on products, prices, availabilities, sales orders, backorder, invoices, open items, credit status and more…


Create a sales order has never been easier! Select your products helped by code autocomplete, upload a CSV file (generated by B2B offline order tool) or simply copy and paste from your MS Excel file or a raw text file.


Ten customized stores, one for each PROEL Business Unit, with all the products from the leading italian company on audio, video, lighting solution and musical tools. One time login and you’ll be able to jump quickly from a store to another in your work session.

DMS Integration

Your documents are just a click away!

Browsing your personal area you will be able to get PDFs related to order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices and check realtime shipment tracking.

Quotations Management

Don’t want to order right now? No problem! Create your personal quotations, save them on the system to manage them later, manage the versioning, send them on email, print or just tranform them to sales order. Nothing easier.


Access to PROEL commercial promotions, bundles and special offer will be a piece of cake now.

Check our stores daily, you could get the best deal!

Live Chat

Let us take care of your needs, give you support, answer to common questions and improve your user experience with PROEL customer care chat.

Technicians and sales operators are always at your side!

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